Comrades in Arms against Dictatorship – Research seminar in Edinburgh

On January 25th, Paula Barreiro López’s conference at the Edinburgh College of Art will address the processes of negotiation amongst art critics, artists and cultural agents during Late Francoism (1959–1975), highlighting questionings raised by the link between art and (left-wing( ideology.

50th Congress of the AICA in Paris

In the framework of the 50th Congress of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA) in Paris, Paula Barreiro López will take part in the panel “Paradigmatic shifts in the AICA’s history” with a lecture about Spanish art criticism in the 1960s.

Paula Barreiro López guest researcher with Artl@s (ENS Paris)

From April to June 2017, head researcher of MoDe(s) Paula Barreiro López is invited at the École Normale Supérieure by the labex TransferS and Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel (IHMC) to contribute to Artl@s’ activities and to its annual seminar Biennials of the South.

New release: Avant-garde Art and Criticism in Francoist Spain by Paula Barreiro López

Paula Barreiro López’s book Avant-garde Art and Criticism in Francoist Spain (Liverpool University Press) is a contribution to the history of Spanish art in the twentieth century. It surveys the shifts in the aesthetic discourse and artistic practices that decisively influenced the shaping of the avant-garde during Franco’s dictatorship (1939-1975).