Symposium “Mexican/US art and artists crossing borders” at the Smithsonian

Fabiola Martínez Rodríguez will participate in the symposium “A line that birds cannot see”: Mexican/US Art and Artists Crossing Borders in the 20th Century, organized at the Smithsonian American Art Museum on November 3rd, 2017 with the lecture “Between Figuration and Abstraction: The Cultural Cold War and Tamayo’s Art in the 1950s.”

Conference by Fabiola Martínez at the seminar “Biennials of the South”, ENS Paris

On Thursday May 18th, Fabiola Martínez will give the conference “The Hemispheric Politics of Mexico’s Inter-American Biennials (1958 and 1960)”, as part of the seminar “Biennales du Sud/Biennials of the South” organized by Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris.