Seminar: the Paris Biennial on both sides of the Iron Curtain

In the framework of the seminar “1959-1985, au prisme de la Biennale de Paris”, this session aims to discuss the symbolic, cultural and political value of the Paris Biennale from the 1950s to the 1970s, and its reception in two totalitarian contexts on both sides of the Iron Curtain: Spain and Poland.

Seminar in La Plata, Argentina. 6-7 April

The seminar Transatlantic Episodes (1950-1977): Crossings between art, politics and culture during the Cold War in Spain and Latin America will be given by Paula Barreiro López at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina.

Between diplomacy and dissidence: politics of exhibition and curatorial positioning during the Cold War

This seminar (13 December 2017 in Barcelona) aims to generate a debate around the importance of exhibition policies and curatorial practices, in order to understand the cultural dynamics of a period in which the geopolitical scene needed all the means available to transmit new stories.

Seminar: Reinventing art’s faculties : dissident art and and political militancy in the seventies

On November 7th at the Fine Arts Faculty of the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, this seminar will address the crossings between artistic experiments and political commitment during the late Francoism and the first transition in Spain.

Research Seminar Canon(s) in Dispute – Conclusions

A summary of MoDe(s)’ Research Seminar of November 23rd at the Facultat de Geografía e Historia of the Universitat de Barcelona, dedicated to the notion of canon and its multiple manifestations. Among the topics, Latinamerican modern art, art in the Spanish state over the 1970s, feminist and gender perspectives questioning the canon, and more!

Seminar Canon(s) in dispute: The narratives of modernity and their conflicts

On November 23rd, 2016 from 9.45 till 18, Universitat de Barcelona. This seminar seeks to deepen the specific processes through which the modern canon is created, delving also into conflictive models that attempted to challenge its legitimacy. Through the contrasted study of cases, we will seek to create a common framework of reflection on the processes of construction and deconstruction of the canon.

A presentation from Fabiola Martínez Rodríguez at Saint Louis University Madrid

Fabiola Martínez Rodríguez will present her research project developped in the framework of MoDe(s) at Saint Louis University Madrid, Thursday 17 November: “Art and politics, politics and art in the cultural battles of the Cold War.”

A guerrilla of things? Conference by Paula Barreiro López at Sciences Po Paris, 26 October 2016

Paula Barreiro López’s conference “Une guérilla des choses ? Objet, subversion et anti-impérialisme quand le fond de l´air était rouge” will take place in the seminar Arts et Sociétés, directed by Laurence Bertrand Dorléac at the Centre d’Histoire de Sciences Po, Wednesday 26 October 26th.

Multimedia Archive: last entries

Listen to the last audio files, from MoDe(s) Research Seminar Diverging Gazes: Art, Politics, Coloniality and their Transnational Networks, held at La Casa Encendida, Madrid, in April 8th, 2016. They include a keynote lecture by Julián Díaz Sánchez (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha) “Arte y guerra fría. Cuestiones de método”, and presentations by Inés Plasencia, Pablo…

Diverging Gazes: Art, Politics, Coloniality and their Transnational Networks

Jaroslaw Kozlowski

Assuming a plural conception of modernity and seeking to decentralize the Paris-New York axis, this research seminar presents a multifocal analysis of art in the transatlantic axis during the Cold War, through a keynote speech and the presentation of three doctoral projects.