Art, politics and counterculture in the transatlantic axis from the Cold War to contemporaneity

Decentralized Modernities is an international research platform that brings together researchers from different centres in Europe, South and North America. In its current configuration, it develops two main lines of work. The first focuses on a comparative analysis of centres of the Atlantic axis, emphasising the forms of mediation, negotiation and resistance to the ideological, aesthetic and cultural schism of the Cold War. The second studies the impact that (social, cultural and political) forms from this historical period still have today, both on the configuration of the realities of our present time and on current artistic practices.

The idea is to highlight the links between the artistic/cultural world and social and labour, as well as national liberation and counter-cultural movements that conveyed dissident responses to the Cold War’s geopolitical order, contributing to decentralize the normative, western and colonial modernity.

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2 January, 2024

Powers, Challenges and Potentialities of Images: Theoretical and Practical Approaches in Art History and Visual Culture

The doctoral seminar “Powers, challenges and potentialities of images: theoretical and practical approaches in art history and visual culture” will take place on 17 and 18 January 2024 at the Université Toulouse II – Jean Jaurès. Understanding the image as a tool, this seminar aims to reflect on its powers, challenges and potentialities from the perspective of the history of art and visual culture.

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28 November, 2023

Presentation of the book ‘Revolver el tiempo’ in Barcelona

The book Revolver el tiempo. Conceptos críticos, mutaciones históricas y estéticas entre la Guerra Fría y la contrarrevolución neoliberal (Bellaterra, 2023) will be presented on 14 December 2023 at 19.30 at La Caníbal (C/ Napoles 314, Barcelona). The editors Paula Barrerio López and María Ruido will be accompanied by Ignasi Gonzalo Salellas, Antonio Gómez Villar and María Íñigo Clavo.

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22 November, 2023

Compagnons de lutte – Prix Pierre Daix 2023

Paula Barreiro López, director of the international platform Decentralized Modernities, received the Pierre Daix prize from the Fondation Pinault for her book Compagnons de lutte. Avant-garde and art criticism in Spain during Francoism (Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, 2023).

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Multimedia News

Julia Ramírez Blanco

Performer le commun. Les mouvements sociaux et artistiques et le rôle de l’auto-théâtralité dans la création de la communauté
(Toulouse, 7 April 2023)

Jacopo Galimberti

Sens commun :  groupe d’artistes comme expression du commun ?  
(Toulouse, 7 April 2023)

Patricia Oliart

Políticas prefigurativas. Feminismo, solidaridad y creatividad en Lima 2023
(Toulouse, 7 April 2023)

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