Art Globalization Interculturality

Starting from the basis that globalization is presented as the new kind of contemporary art that requires new narratives when writing a history of art under the rotation of the global, the project Critical Cartography of Art and Visuality in the global age CCAV / ART III aims to address the complexity of the new status art and visually over recent decades from a three fold approach: 1) the deployment of a set of innovative working methods :the passage of the World art Studies at the Global art Studies designed to analyze the current state of new art history; 2) the critical study of artistic practices or, rather, of the twists (geographical rotation, ecological twist, ethnographic turn, turn of translation, dialogic turn, turn of memory and history, documentary twist, cosmopolitan turn) emerging from the new maps of the global; 3) the approach of new theoretical concepts derived from such practices (postcolonial, intercultural and global discourse).

Director:  Anna Maria Guasch
Base: Universitat de Barcelona