Laura Ramírez

PhD candidate in Artistic, Literary and Cultural Studies at the Autonoma University of Madrid, Spain. Her doctoral research explores the imageries of childhood generated out of solidary and propagandistic visual artifacts during the Cold War, focusing in the material that refers to the revolutionary processes in El Salvador and Nicaragua throughout the 1980’s. 
She holds a B.A. in Fine Arts & History and Theory of Art from Los Andes University, Bogotá, Colombia, and a M.A. in History of Contemporary Art and Visual Culture from the joint program imparted by Reina Sofía Museum, Complutense University, and Autonoma University of Madrid, Spain. She worked as research assistant for academic research projects such as Intellectual Networks: Art and Politics in Latina America (sponsored by the Getty Foundation, United States). Currently, she participates in the research group DeVisiones. Discursos, genealogías y prácticas en la creación visual contemporánea at the Autonoma University of Madrid, Spain. Also, she is a member of the association Red de Estudios Visuales Latinoamericanos (REVLAT).
She has published essays, articles and reviews in academic publications and has participated in diverse international congresses. Her research also feeds on her artistic production, which has been exhibited internationally.