Conference “1968 – Alternative Genealogies and Resonances.” Vienna, 19-20 October

The conference organized by the Department of Art History of the University of Vienna proposes to reflect on the experience of 1968 and its resonances in different cultural and geopolitical contexts. With the participation of Ekaterina Degot, Sven Lütticken, Paula Barreiro López, Gal Kirn, Caroline Lillian Schopp and Daniel Grúň.

MoDe(s): second round 2018-2020!

The research project MoDe(s)-Decentralized Modernities: Art, Politics and Counterculture in the Transatlantic Axis during the Cold War is continuing with its second phase: MoDe(s)2 (2018-2020). MoDe(s)2 incorporates new themes and focuses of attention, new team members, and has already an exciting program of upcoming activities. Have a look at them!

Seminar Contemporaneity and transition: perspectives from the South of Europe

In Madrid on October 17th, this seminar will focus on the connections between political transitions in Spain, Portugal and Greece, reconsidering their political and cultural legacies, artistic projects that have considered their memories, as well as echoes of those processes in the present.

Conclusions of the doctoral seminar (6-7 March)

Kate Domin gives us a summary of our doctoral seminar of 6 and 7 March, which aspired to open lines of discussion on the tools and methodological resources involved in the task of creating a transnational history of art. In addition, participants’ bibliography is shared.