Presetation of the book ‘Revolver el tiempo’ in Madrid

The book “Revolver el tiempo. Conceptos críticos, mutaciones históricas y estéticas entre la Guerra Fría y la contrarrevolución neoliberal” (Bellaterra, 2023) will be presented on 26 October 2023 at 18.30 at Enclave Libros (C/ Relatores 16, Madrid). The editors Paula Barrerio López and María Ruido will be accompanied by Julia Ramírez Blanco and Kostis Kornetis.

Release of the book – Cultura fósil by Jaime Vindel

“Cultura fósil. Arte, cultura y política entre la Revolución industrial y el calentamiento global” by Jaime Vindel (Akal, 2023) invites us to rethink culture during the development of fossil modernity. This book is responsible for delving into blind corners of our historical unconscious with the intention of contributing to imagine and embody a post-fossilist culture.

Release of the book – Ojos vendados de Juan Albarrán

“Ojos vendados. Tortura y representación en la cultura visual contemporánea” by Juan Albarrán (Dado Ediciones, 2023) is a study on the representation of torture in contemporary art and visual culture and, specifically, on the tensions between the strategies for making this serious attack on human rights visible and the dynamics of concealment that have operated in democratic Spain.

Release of the book – Revolver el tiempo, Paula Barreiro López and Maria Ruido (eds.)

“Revolver el tiempo” edited by Paula Barreiro López and Maria Ruido is the result of a collective research work developed within the framework of MoDe(s)2 project. The book proposes a critical cartography of the practices and discourses of the last six decades by analyzing the powerful role of art and film in shaping cultural, social and political imaginaries from the Cold War to the present.

Release – Partisan Genealogies: Radical Visual (and Policial) Practices

The special issue “Partisan Genealogies: Radical Visual (and Policial) Practices” (Artl@s bulletin) is the the result of a collective research work developed within the research project “Ré.Part. – Résistance(s) Partisane(s) : Culture visuelle, imaginaires collectifs et mémoire révolutionnaire”. The essays draw a visual, ideological and cultural map that helps to develop a new conceptualization of the partisan and of partisanship.

CFP – Against Citizenship: Visual belongings and transnational affects

CFP – “Against Citizenship: Visual belongings and transnational affects” (Deadline: June 1st, 2022). This special issue of “Cultural Dynamics” seeks to gather contributions that deal with affective and transnational networks that position themselves against or facing the “fantasy” of an egalitarian citizenship, understanding that it is not intrinsically segregating, but aleatory and artificial, in the same way that the creation and existence of states.

Multimedia updates – Pierre Gaudibert : militant, critique, sociologue de l’art, expérimentateur de musée

The video recordings of the symposium “Pierre Gaudibert : militant, critique, sociologue de l’art, expérimentateur de musée” (INHA, 24 – 26 February 2021) are now available. This international symposium proposed to revisit this key figure of the post-war French art scene and the intellectual and political contexts of which his career is revealing.