CFP – Against Citizenship: Visual belongings and transnational affects

Call for papers
Against Citizenship: Visual belongings and transnational affects
Cultural Dynamics
Deadline : June 1st 2022

In the last few years the traditional notion of citizenship, strongly determined by Western historical perspectives (citoyen, liberal citizenship) such as the nation-state or the nationality, and based on exclusion, has been questioned by sociologists, political theoreticians and anthropologists. Authors such as James Holston or Arjun Appadurai, among others, have proved the insufficiency of these perspectives to account for the diversity of networks of belongings and organizations in a postcolonial world. In this direction, new criteria and approaches have advanced the attempts to re-conceptualize and re-constitute the strategies of access to rights from a variety of political communities and to solve the restrictions that the State imposes or to cross its limits, be them geographical or juridical. Political and transnational affects and historical processes connected by solidarity networks and social and activist movements, that claim for the end of the violence against dissident identities, challenge the notion of a world segmented by colonialism through the revindication of a sense of belonging that we can truly acknowledge.

From the realm of visuality, the potential and real agency that audiovisual and artistic practices have both to generate self-representations and others forms of spectatorship and participation and to put into question the apparatus of production of hegemonic visuality is fundamental to propose new modes of re-imagining citizenship and of re-defining it beyond its current juridical limitations.

This special issue of Cultural Dynamics ( ) seeks to gather contributions that deal with affective and transnational networks that position themselves against or facing the “fantasy” of an egalitarian citizenship, understanding that it is not intrinsically segregating, but aleatory and artificial, in the same way that the creation and existence of states. Therefore, it intends to reunite contributions that explore experiences and visual, artistic, photographic, filmic or performative forms and processes that expand the notion of visual citizenship(s) from an affective and transnational approach. We would consider contributions dealing with Europe and Spain with special interest.

Among other lines of research, we can highlight:

Transnational activism and solidarity

Memory, identity and mediality

The body in movement: migrations, diasporas, displacements

Citizenship, digitality and networks

Towards a post/decolonial museum

Visual Sovereignty

Knowledges that cross borders

Diasporic spectatorship

Images for a critical and affective cosmopolitanism

Visual citizenship(s) in Europe and Spain

Deadline for articles: June 1st 2022
Max. number of words: 6.000
Language: English

Please send your proposal to: and/or, using as your subject “Against Citizenship”

Imagen: El crédito Damian Le Bas, Untitled, 1995.