Collectivization and artistic activism in the South

The seminar”Collectivizations and artistic activism in the South” (April 26, 2022, Grenoble and via zoom) will examine the responses that, through the creative gesture, aim to “repair what has been broken”. Among the speakers will be Ana Longoni, Julia Ramírez Blanco, Andrew Martin and Raquel Schefer. The seminar will conclude with the presentation and projection of the film-essay “La revolución (es) probable” [The revolution (is) possible] (2021).

Challenging the centers: counter-historiographies of abstraction in Puerto Rico.

“Challenging the centers: counter-historiographies of abstraction in Puerto Rico” will take place on 22 October 2021. Based on the curatorial project of the exhibition […]ENTREFORMAS and critical essays (Carla Acevedo, Dialitza Colón Pérez and Nelson Rivera), this workshop proposes to discuss aspects concerning the Puerto Rican historiographic narrative with the intention of critically exploring its discursive margins and limitations.

Publication of REG|AC issue on Cold War networks and circulations: Cross-cultural Dialogues and Practices throughout the Global South (1957-1991)

The latest issue of REG|AC, Revista de Estudios Globales & Arte Contemporáneo, edited by Paula Barreiro López and Juliane Debeusscher, is available. It maps some of the cultural networks of the Cold War (1957-1991) developed through, or in contact with, the transantlantic south and the Pacific.

Le défi de Caliban – Encounters and debate at ENS Paris

[:en]On 18 and 19 January 2018, Artl@s project in collaboration with other organizations, organizes the encounter “Le defi de Caliban” (Caliban’s challenge) at the ENS Paris. Addressing artistic and literary debates on “the South”, this encounter will raise the question of its definitions through the lens of creation, examining the challenges and limits of such discourses.[:]