Symposium – Pierre Gaudibert : militant, critique, sociologue de l’art, expérimentateur de musée

On February 24 to 26, the online symposium Pierre Gaudibert: militant, critique, sociologue de l’art, expérimentateur de musée will take place. Taking into account Pierre Gaudibert’s theoretical and institutional heritage, his commitments but also his disenchantments, impasses and limits, the symposium aims to consider the possible avenues that his work has opened to the link between art and democracy, to a practice that opens up institutions, to a plurality of cultures and artistic practices.

From private to public. Issues and strategies in the presentation of private collections of modern and contemporary art in public institutions

Organized within the framework of the exhibition “Giorgio Morandi. Luigi Magnani’s collection” at the Musée de Grenoble (December 12, 2020 – April 18, 2021), this one-day conference aims to bring together recent reflections about strategies for the presentation of private collections of contemporary art (20th-21th centuries) in French and international museums and private institutions.

Release of the book – Estética fósil by Jaime Vindel

“Estética fósil” by Jaime Vindel explains how the recourse to fossil fuels as the primary energy source of the Industrial Revolution and the irruption of thermodynamic physics in the mid-19th century were accompanied by a series of cultural imaginaries that instituted a productivist worldview of the relationship between humanity and nature.

From Geopolitics to Geoaesthetics. The Challenges of the Spatial Turn, or Debates for a Transnational Art History

The objective of this workshop is to examine and compare the methodological and theoretical approaches that propose to think space and place through the lens of art history and aesthetics. And those, which propose to think art history and aesthetics through the lens of space and place.

Contra vientos y mareas: Venezia & Veniceland

Taking as a starting point the exemplary case of Venice, this seminar aims to analyze the genesis and development of the touristification and commercialization of the city, as well as the role of artists, curatorial projects and its residents in the regeneration of the social and urban context and in claiming the right to the city.