Release of the book – Ojos vendados de Juan Albarrán

Ojos vendados. Tortura y representación en la cultura visual contemporánea is a study on the representation of torture in contemporary art and visual culture and, specifically, on the tensions between the strategies for making this serious attack on human rights visible and the dynamics of concealment that have operated in democratic Spain. The non-linear path presented here, full of chronological and spatial jumps, supports an analysis of the visuality of torture, in which many different factors intervene and must be considered. Not only the ways and means by which it has been represented, but also the multiple conditioning factors that endow these images with meaning, their circulation regimes, discursive frameworks, contexts of reception, as well as their capacity to affect, in one way or another, the spectator and intervene in the public sphere. This account deals with very diverse objects of study, from works of art to film productions or places of memory, from photographs printed in magazines or newspapers to television series and stage plays. Each of these artifacts is evaluated taking into account their capacity to produce social meaning through visuality, but without neglecting the specificities of their media traditions and disciplinary spaces.

JUAN ALBARRÁN DIEGO is a professor in the Department of Art History and Theory at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). His lines of research focus on contemporary artistic practices and discourses, especially on the relationship between art and politics in Spain since the transition, the theories of photography and performance and the representations of violence in contemporary visual culture. On these issues, he has published the books Disputas sobre lo contemporáneo. Arte español entre el antifranquismo y la postmodernidad (2019) and Performance y arte contemporáneo. Discursos, prácticas, problemas (2019), and has edited the collective volumes Arte y transición (2012 y 2018), Llámalo Performance: historia, disciplina y recepción (with Iñaki Estella, 2015) y Ensayo/Error. Tentativas interartísticas en el Estado español (with Rosa Benéitez, 2018). 

Ojos vendados. Tortura y representación en la cultura visual contemporánea 
Juan Albarrán Diego 
ISBN: 978-84-124424-6-5 

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