New: MoDe(s) Multimedia Archive

Have a check at our Multimedia section! Among the research tools offered by MoDe(s), this section offers audio files of lectures and debates that took place in the framework of MoDe(s)’ Activities. Available now, the keynote lecture by Prof. Jonathan Harris and the lectures by Paula Barreiro López, Fabiola Martínez, Jaime Vindel and Laia Manonelles, presented in the framework … Continue reading New: MoDe(s) Multimedia Archive

CFP Doctoral Seminar Cold Atlantic

The University of Barcelona, Saint Louis University (Madrid) and the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid invite doctoral students in art history or related disciplines to participate in a doctoral seminar/workshop Cold Atlantic. Cultural War, Dissident Artistic Practices, Networks and Contact Zones at the Time of the Iron Curtain.

CFP international Conference Cold Atlantic

The international conference Cold Atlantic seeks to highlight the transatlantic exchanges between North America, Europe, Africa and Latin America bringing into the fore other hubs of artistic exchange and influence, aiming not just to de-center the Paris-New York axis, but also to foster a discussion that gives a voice to cultural expressions that were generated outside the official power structures.

Contract for predoctoral fellow (PhD candidate)

The application period for a contract financing a predoctoral fellowship of the Spanish MINECO [Minesterio de Economía y Competitividad] has started. The contract is conceived for financing the postgraduate education of a PhD student within the framework of the research project Decentralized Modernities: art, politics and counterculture in the transatlantic axis during the Cold War … Continue reading Contract for predoctoral fellow (PhD candidate)