Cultures partisanes : Armes de création massive

Les 1er et 2 octobre, le séminaire “Cultures partisanes : armes de création massive” aura lieu grâce à la collaboration entre la Kunsthalle Wien, le Volkstheater Wien et le projet Ré.Part. Le séminaire vise à proposer une re-signification et une utilisation critique des concepts de “partisan” et de “partisanerie”, tant dans le domaine de l’art contemporain que dans la pratique politique.

Partisan Cultures: Weapons of Mass Creation

Partisan Cultures: Weapons of Mass Creation1 – 2 October 2021Volkstheater Wien This seminar revisits various inspiring experiences—political, artistic, and pedagogical—of partisan struggles of the long twentieth century. Expanding the traditional scope of research on partisan movements to look beyond the antifascist and national liberation struggles of the Second War World, we propose an understanding of … Continue reading Partisan Cultures: Weapons of Mass Creation

Counter – Archive

The Internationa Symposium “Counter – Archive” will take place on 29 and 30 April 2021 at ICI Berlin. Some questions analyzed during the symposium will be how can counter-archives connect the testimonies and legacies of past struggles with the victims of today’s oppression and what kind of power struggles are produced by counter-archives, and how do they manage to draw attention to what has been lost, overlooked, reduced, suppressed, or omitted from national archives and established historiography.