Maria Ruido. L’œil impératif

L’œil impératif («The Imperative Eye») analyses the political, economic and representative mechanisms that serve to perpetuate the effects of colonialism and neocolonialism in the former Spanish and French protectorates in North Africa through immigration policies, mercantilism, globalization and cultural, aesthetic and social imperialism.

This work takes its name from a film that Ruido made last year in Tangiers and presented within the framework of the cycle as a diptych alongside Le rêve est fini (The Dream Is Over), which she produced in Tunisia in 2014. These two documentary essays explore the conflict between hegemonic policies and institutionalized meta-stories in the West, and examine the possibility of other narratives that are developed by the Arab world and offer resistance to European colonial dominance and the capitalist system.

In relation to María Ruido’s The Imperative Eye, microRavals asked third-year degree students from the Theory of Context course at Escola Massana to produce a practical reflection on the idea of visual sovereignty/ies.

Libreto Arts Santa Mónica

Implic/accions, program of activities organized in the framework of L’oeil impératif (catalan)


Implic/Accions is an ativity program by Jordi Ribas.

Organized by Arts Santa Mònica – Departament de Cultura

In conjunction with «Modernitat(s) Descentralitzada(s): Art, política i contracultura a l’eix transatlàntic durant la Guerra Freda» (ref. HAR2014-53834-P) de la Universitat de Barcelona, Espai Contrabandos, Escola Elisava, Escola Massana i Mostra de Cinema Àrab i Mediterrani de Catalunya de la Filmoteca de Catalunya.