Workshop MoDe(s) 2 – Critical imaginaries and expanded semantic fields from the Cold War to contemporaneity


Critical imaginaries and expanded semantic fields from the Cold War to contemporaneity
Research workshop MoDe(s) 2

Robledo de Chavela, 16-18 July 2018
With the participation of MoDe(s) 2 team

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Workshop report


Monday, 16 JulyTuesday, 17 JulyWednesday, 18 July

13.00 > Arrival at Robledo de Chavela

14.00-16.00 > Lunch

16.00-16.30 > Presentation and welcome (Paula Barreiro López and María Ruido)

16.30-17.30 > Critical cartographies (15-minute presentations by Fabiola Martínez, Oscar Cambra, Paula Barreiro)

17.30-18.30 > Cultural, political and identity imaginaries (15-minute presentations by Olga Fernández López, Juan Albarrán and Miriam Basilio)

18.30-19.00 > Break

19.00-20.00 > Subcultures and collective consciousness(es): Cross-temporalities (15-minute presentations Jaime Vindel, María Ruido, Lee Douglas)

20.00-21.00 >Discussion: What links and lines of strength for MoDe(s)2?
13.00 Arrival at Robledo de Chavela

10.00-10.30 > De/constructing terms in the field of history: Notes on why and how to think about a critical lexicon (Paula Barreiro López)

10.30-12.00 > Contributions by: Fabiola Martínez, Olga Fernández, Lola Jiménez Blanco and Miriam Basilio.

12.00-12.30 > Break

12.30-14.00 > Contributions by: María Ruido, Lee Douglas, Juan Albarrán, Jaime Vindel and Oscar Cambra.

14.00-16.00 > Break

16.00-18.00 > Configuration of a first conceptual map (1)

18.00-18.30 > Break

18.30-21.00 > Configuration of a first concept map (2): Digital visualisation

10.00-12.00 > Coordination and organization (discussion moderated by Paula Barreiro López)

12.00-12.30 > Coffee break

12.30-14.00 > Coordination and organization

14.00-16.00 > Lunch and closing of the seminar

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Research workshop organised within the framework of the research project MoDe(s)2 – Decentralised Modernity(ies): art, politics and counterculture in the transatlantic axis during the Cold War. HAR2017-82755-P.

Direction and coordination: Paula Barreiro López and María Ruido.