Exhibition – Earthkeeping, Earthshaking – art, feminisms and ecology

Earthkeeping, Earthshaking – art, feminisms and ecology
Giulia Lamoni and Vanessa Badagliacca
25.07.2020 – 04.10.2020
Quadrum Gallery, Lisbon

In 1981, the American feminist art magazine Heresies dedicated its 13th edition to the relationships between feminism and ecology. Entitled “Earthkeeping / Earthshaking”, this edition featured contributions from authors of various nationalities, including art critic Lucy Lippard, artists Ana Mendieta, Faith Wilding, Bonnie Ora Sherk, Cecilia Vicuña and Michelle Stuart, as well as writer Gioconda Belli. Departing from the question “What can women do about the disastrous direction the world is taking?”, Heresies #13 intended to question the relationship between feminisms and ecology from multiple perspectives. Taking Heresies #13 as a starting point and as a historical and political archive capable of stimulating a fertile reflection on the triangulation between art, ecology and feminisms, the exhibition Earthkeeping / Earthshaking aims to affirm the pioneering role played by numerous artists in this specific context and, at the same time, analyse the potential of their ideas today. 

The exhibition Earthkeeping, Earthshaking – art, feminisms and ecology presents art works and ephemera by artists who – during the 1970s and early 1980s and by means of heterogeneous practices – questioned our individual and collective relationships with nature and the environment, the dichotomies between nature and culture, the traditional associations of the feminine with forces of nature, as well as the complex relationships between capitalism, colonial histories and environmental degradation.

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