Multimedia updates: Canon(s) in dispute

The sound recording of the seminar Canon(s) in Dispute: the Narratives of Modernity and their Conflicts (Universitat de Barcelona, 23 November 2016) are now available in our multimedia section.

This seminar sought to deepen the specific processes through which the modern canon is created, delving also into conflictive models that attempted to challenge its legitimacy. Considering that a canonical configuration can be traced back to a corpus of texts, exhibitions and events, agents and platforms, the intention was to raise the debate through a series of case studies that had an impact on these questions. In fact, putting the canonical configurations into discussion involves raising the negotiations and conflicts, as well as reconsidering supposedly stable categories as the modern, the contemporary and the global. In addition, the seminar proposed to broaden the discussion to contexts, since the construction of the canon occurs in a complex social and institutional matrix, which prioritizes and organizes according criteria of value.


Clare Carolin, Women, War and the Transformation of Britain: Linda Kitson and the Falklands Conflict.


Laura Mercader,  El canon es política sexual. Diferenciando la diferencia para escribir sobre arte.


Julián Díaz Sánchez, Resistencia de la pintura. Años 70.


Juan Albarrán, Un lugar para los nuevos comportamientos.