Seminar Contemporaneity and transition: perspectives from the South of Europe

In Madrid on October 17th, this seminar will focus on the connections between political transitions in Spain, Portugal and Greece, reconsidering their political and cultural legacies, artistic projects that have considered their memories, as well as echoes of those processes in the present.

Contemporaneity and transition: perspectives from the South of Europe

Forty years after the approval of the Spanish Constitution, which opened the door to the democratization of the country and replaced a Bourbon at the head of state, the transition continues to be a disputed territory, a historical signifier that can be linked to other different meanings in order to take a stand and gain … Continue reading Contemporaneity and transition: perspectives from the South of Europe

Conclusions of the doctoral seminar (6-7 March)

Kate Domin gives us a summary of our doctoral seminar of 6 and 7 March, which aspired to open lines of discussion on the tools and methodological resources involved in the task of creating a transnational history of art. In addition, participants’ bibliography is shared.

Comrades in Arms against Dictatorship – Research seminar in Edinburgh

On January 25th, Paula Barreiro López’s conference at the Edinburgh College of Art will address the processes of negotiation amongst art critics, artists and cultural agents during Late Francoism (1959–1975), highlighting questionings raised by the link between art and (left-wing( ideology.

Le défi de Caliban – Encounters and debate at ENS Paris

[:en]On 18 and 19 January 2018, Artl@s project in collaboration with other organizations, organizes the encounter “Le defi de Caliban” (Caliban’s challenge) at the ENS Paris. Addressing artistic and literary debates on “the South”, this encounter will raise the question of its definitions through the lens of creation, examining the challenges and limits of such discourses.[:]

Between diplomacy and dissidence: politics of exhibition and curatorial positioning during the Cold War

This seminar (13 December 2017 in Barcelona) aims to generate a debate around the importance of exhibition policies and curatorial practices, in order to understand the cultural dynamics of a period in which the geopolitical scene needed all the means available to transmit new stories.

Reinventing art’s faculties : dissident art and and political militancy in the seventies

On November 7th at the Fine Arts Faculty of the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, this seminar will address the crossings between artistic experiments and political commitment during the late Francoism and the first transition in Spain.[:]