Global Art Challenges: Watch the lectures

The videos of the lectures presented in the framework of the international conference Global Art Challenges. Towards an “Ecology of Knowledges” are finally available!

This conference sought to discuss, from a methodological, epistemological and practical perspective, the possibilities of developing an “ecology of knowledges” (Boaventura de Sousa Santos) in art history, regarding also artistic and institutional practices. It looked for ways to overcome Western hierarchies and enter into a proactive dialogue between practices, methods and discourses, questioning taxonomies, values, temporalities, and dichotomies that have not just been a part of the art historic discipline since its foundation, but that have been imposed as universal and taken-for-granted. Finally, the conference aimed at becoming a platform for debating the possibilities of breaking that (Western-dominated) view within art history, seeking a starting point for a change of paradigm in the understanding of global art.

If you couldn’t attend the conference or want to listen some lectures again, you can access online to the keynote lectures of Klara Kemp-WelchBéatrice Joyeux-Prunel and Maria Hlavajova, as well as the interventions presented in the framework of the four panels: Critical Perspectives in Global Art History, “Close Others” in “The West”, Visualizing Global Networks y Art-as-Intervention-in-Reality: “Ecology of Knowledges” and Institutional Practices.

Watch the videos

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