Exhibition – María Ruido. The Rules of the Game

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María Ruido. The Rules of the Game
Es Baluard Museu d’Art Contemporani de Palma – Espacio B
17 March – 4 September 2022

The Rules of the Game presents the new audiovisual production of María Ruido, consisting of a conversation between the artist and Brigitte Vasallo, a writer and activist. In this interview, filmed at Can Marquès (Palma, Mallorca), Ruido and Vasallo explore difficulties, conflicts and contradictions in class and gender as found in work situations in the art and culture sector, addressing how to respond to them from a more personal and intimate perspective.
Further works by the artist are shown in the gallery, where through research into visual archives and memories, whether personal or collective, Ruido explores notions of work and social class. Amongst the pieces shown we find ElectroClass (2011), Ficciones anfibias [Amphibious Fictions] (2005) and La memoria interior (The Inner Memory, 2002).
Ruido’s work points to the need to articulate new imaginary realms through the experience of social and economic changes affecting productive space and our bodies. In doing so it gives rise to a more diversified memory, attending to the performativity of the subject in relation to such significant notions.

María Ruido is a visual artist, researcher and cultural producer. Since 1998, she has developed interdisciplinary projects on imaginary realms of work in post-Fordist capitalism, and on the construction of memory and its relations with narrative forms of history. Ruido lives between Madrid and Barcelona, where she is Professor in the Department of Design and Image of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona. She is actively involved in various studies on policies of representation and their contextual relationships.

Image: María Ruido, ElectroClass, 2011 (video still). HD video. Single-channel, colour, stereo sound. Duration: 53’. Courtesy of the artist.