Multimedia updates: Spectres of others ’68

The sound recording of the international seminar Spectres of others ’68: Aesthetic Genealogies and Global Activism (Universitat de Barcelona, 9-10 January 2019 November 2019) are now available in our multimedia section.

Decentralizing the accounts of 1968, both chronologically and geographically, this seminar proposes to explore the role of ‘the other’ in the configuration of the movements of revolt of the 1960s, tracing the political genealogies and utopian horizons that were conceived and are still visible (and claimed) in contemporary times.

Below the lectures.

Carolina Rito, La revolución Portuguesa es una revolución Africana: una contra genealogía de las revoluciones occidentales


Jaime Vindel, Sobrevivencias del 68 y crisis ecosocial: legados y límites


Paula Barreiro López, Mariano Lisa, Sonia Kerfa y Jaime Vindel, Rounde table about the films Spagna 68 by Helena Lumbreras and Lo que no puede ser visto debe ser mostrado by María Ruido.