Release of the book – Exposiciones y comisariado. Relatos cruzados by Olga Fernández López

Release of the book Exposiciones y comisariado. Relatos entrecruzados by Olga Fernández López.

The academic study of the exhibition and curatorial studies is a relatively recent phenomenon. Although it was initially intertwined with art history and museology studies, in recent years it has gradually acquired autonomy in line with the importance that both have assumed in the contemporary field of art. Each of these trajectories, that of exhibitions in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and that of curatorship, could be done independently. Exhibitions can be studied as generators of the public sphere, as discursive and representative spheres, as devices producing psychological and social experiences and as production formats capable of determining artistic production. Curatorship is a practice of discursive mediation that gained strength in the second half of the 20th century and whose work is distinguished by the combination of a series of practical and intellectual aspects to give meaning to the often heterogeneous set of contemporary artworks, although not only these. Exposiciones y comisariado. Relatos entrecruzados intertwines both genealogies and proposes a unified history of their convergence. To this end, it unfolds six stories that cross this interweaving and proposes lines of interpretation that are more thematic than chronological in nature.

Exposiciones y comisariado. Relatos cruzados
Olga Fernández López
Madrid: Ediciones Cátedra, 2020
ISBN 978-84-376-4135-5

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