Upcoming: REG|AC on “Networks and Circulations in the Cold War”

Issue n°5 of the Revista de Estudios Globales & Arte Contemporáneo REG|AC will address Cold War networks and circulations: Cross-cultural Dialogues and Practices throughout the Global South (1957-1991). It will be published in spring-summer 2018.

This special issue discusses the idea of the transatlantic/pacific South as a political, social and cultural geography, which could play an important role in the orientation and agency of specific relationships between individuals and social collectives, as well as artistic and cultural practices during the Cold War. To this end, it proposes to contemplate the complex dynamics through which cultural agents dealt with social, economic and geographical dissonances, while expressing cultural affinities based on language, ideology, religion and history.

Showing different perspectives and methodological approaches, the selected articles draw a differentiated and decentralized cartography of these relationships. They reflect on topics such as the representation of conflicts in the global south (Malvinas and Central America) by artists from the north; the strategies of internationalization developed by controversial “peripheral” institutions; the relation between the diffusion of conceptualism in Europe and Latin America and air transport; art magazines as tools for exchange and/or international (counter)propaganda; US diplomacy’s use of design in South Vietnam; the circulation of images of children struggling for the Salvadoran guerrilla; exchanges between Brazil and Germany through the Ulm school or cosmopolitan exchange networks between Buenos Aires and Paris.

With contributions from: Gabriela Aceves, Ornela Barisone, Clare Carolyn, Katarzyna Cytlak, Neus Moyano, Pablo Santa Olalla, Giulia Lamoni, Christian Padilla, Laura Ramírez Palacio and Jennifer Way.
Guest editors: Paula Barreiro López and Juliane Debeusscher (MoDe(s)).

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