“Without Borders” panel

Fabiola Martínez co-organizes the Panel Without Borders: The Promise and Pitfalls of Inter-American Art History at the Annual Conference of the CAA in Washington DC. Participants include Fabiana Serviddio.

CAA Annual Conference in Washington DC
3 – 6 February 2016


Without Borders: The Promise and Pitfalls of Inter-American Art History

Organized by Fabiola Martínez, Saint Louis University, Madrid campus; and Breanne Robertson, independent scholar.

This panel probes the efficacy of hemispheric ontologies in the study of twentieth-century Latin/American art. Can inter-American perspectives adequately address the power dynamics of a continent marked by racial diversity, and where competing claims of belonging have given shape to national histories? What are the ideological and political implications of an expanded geographical approach? Where and when in the Americas is the discourse of modernism being shaped? The papers in this session will address underlying conceptual, methodological, and institutional problems that relate to transnational approaches in the study of Latin/American art while making apparent the interconnections between artists in the continent. The studies also consider the role of exhibitions and cultural agents in promoting or mediating Hemispheric, and local discourses; the centrality of art to cultural diplomacy, and the enduring ‘enchantment of indigenism’ to narratives of authenticity in the Americas.



America in Circulation: Joaquín Torres-García and Stuart Davis on View and in Print.
Lori Cole, New York University.

Manuel Álvarez Bravo’s Optical Parable: Mexico’s First Modernist Photographer?
Monica C. Bravo, Brown University.

IBM Art Collections and “Hemispheric Art”: Political Needs, Curatorial Inconsistencies.
Fabiana Serviddio, Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero.

Hemispheric Ambitions and Ambivalences at the São Paulo Bienal.
Adele E. Nelson, Temple University.

Trans-local or Intra-local: The Sheltering Exoticism.
Elisa de Souza Martinez, Universidad de Brasília.