MoDe(s) at the IV International Meeting on Digital Art History in Malaga

The IV International Meeting on Digital Art History and Artistic Culture will be held from December 15th to 17th, 2016 at the Collección del Museo Ruso in Málaga. It is organized by the research group iArtHis_Lab of the University of Málaga.

This meeting gathers in a common scenario researches and projects developed at the intersection between art historical studies, computational technologies and digital media, seeking to develop a forum to exchange ideas and experiences in the field of digital art history and allied areas.

We will participate from MoDe(s) with the lecture “Exploring Digital Resources to Map Art, Counterculture and Politics during the Cold War”, which proposes a reflection on the application of technological tools within our project. Following the presentation of MoDe(s)’ Database and the first visualizations of research data realized with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the paper will propose some elements of reflection on the contributions of Digital resources, in particular through the conception and production of maps that provide new critical perspectives to study and visualize the intersection of artistic, cultural and political phenomena.