MoDe(s) participates in the International Colloquium in Geohumanities (Barcelona, 19-21 October 2016)

Part of MoDe(s)’ team will present the project’s latest developments in the field of research data visualization through GIS (Geographic Information Systems) at the annual colloquium of the History of geographical thought group of the Association of Spanish Geographers, organized by the  Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, ​​from 19 to 21 October 2016.

This year’s encounter focuses on the intersections between the discipline of geography and humanities, using the term “geohumanidades” as a new expression of transversal processes of knowledge, combining different disciplinary tools, methodology and agents.

Among the themes of the symposium, Art and Cartography; Landscape and Architecture, Gender, Bodies, Sexualities; History and Memory. The colloquium also includes plenary sessions with Tim Cresswell, Sallie Marston and Deborah Dixon, and two round tables with the participation of visual artists.

It is an opportunity for the members of MoDe(s) to share and discuss the relationship between art history and geography through the presentation of a case study that illustrates the trajectory of specific artistic practices during the Cold War, and their intersections with political and historical events in specific territories.

Members of MoDe(s) Juliane Debeusscher and Pablo Santa Olalla will present the communication “MoDe(s): Applying GIS technologies for understanding modernity in the arts during the Cold War” elaborated with Oscar Cambra-Moo, MoDe(s)’ GIS expert, and Paula Barreiro López.

See the program of the colloquium