Multimedia updates – Resonances/disonances of history and memory in global contemporaneity

The sound recording of the international seminar Resonances/disonances of history and memory in global contemporaneity (Universitat de Barcelona, 8 January  2020) are now available in our multimedia section.

This seminar allowed an approach to projects that approach the global situation from a decolonial or horizontal re-reading, projects that make visible the continuities between the Francoist period and the present, while emphasizing the (dis)continuities of representation. Case studies were also presented that reflect on östalgie, the nostalgia for the disappearance of the politics of blocks and their retro-modern imaginaries. All this allowed us to consider how the logic of facts and the logic of fiction acquire a hybrid shade and how temporalities overlap, while modern myths are resignified.

Paula Barreiro López and Olga Fernández López, Introduction

Miriam Basilio (New York University), “En un lugar preferente y de honor”: la crisis de la monarquía y el retrato oficial

Conversation between Ignasi Prat and Olga Fernández López

Conversation between Antoni Muntadas and Pablo Santa Olalla

Jonathan Harris (Birmingham City University), “Negative Narratives”: Western Asian, Post-Cold War scenarios in five Middle Eastern artists

Conversation between Lola Lasurt and María Íñigo

David Moriente (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), El pasado es un pozo profundo: los mundos polarizados de Counterpart y Stranger Things